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      American black bears美國黑熊

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      American black bears美國黑熊
      American black bears美國黑熊
      American black bears

        American black bears appear in a variety of colors despite their name. In the eastern part, most of these bears have shiny black fur, but in the west they grow brown, red, or even yellow coats. To the north, the black bear is actually gray or white in color. Even in the same litter, both brown and black furred bears may be born.
        Black bears are the smallest of all American bears, ranging in length from five to six feet, weighing from three hundred to five hundred pounds. Their eyes and ears are small and their eyesight and hearing are not as good as their sense of smell.
        Like all bears, the black bear is timid and rarely dangerous, but if attacked, most can climb trees or cover ground at great speed. When angry or frightened, they are formidable enemies.
        Black bears feed on leaves, roots, fruit, insects, fish, and even larger animals. One of the most interesting characteristics of bears, including the black bear, is their winter sleep. Unlike squirrels and many other woodland animals, bears do not actually sleep through the winter months. Although the bear does not eat during the winter months, sustaining itself from body fat, its temperature remains almost normal, and it breathes regularly four or five times per minute.
        Most black bears live alone, except during the mating season. They prefer to live in caves. Baby black bears are born in January or February after a gestation period of six to nine months, and they stay with their mother until they are fully grown or about one and a half years old. Black bears can live as long as thirty years in the wild, and even longer in some nature reserves.

        像所有的熊一樣,黑熊膽小,很少危險,但如果受到攻擊,大多數人都可以以極快的速度爬樹或覆蓋地面。當生氣或害怕時,他們是可怕的敵人。  黑熊以樹葉,根,水果,昆蟲,魚類甚至更大的動物為食。熊的最有趣的特性之一,包括黑熊,是他們的冬眠。與松鼠和許多其他的林地動物不同,熊實際上并不在冬天的幾個月內睡覺。雖然熊在冬季不吃東西,但它本身從脂肪中維持,但它的體溫幾乎是正常的,它每分鐘呼吸有規律的4或5次。


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