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      on Spending Craze During Graduatio論畢業時的消費狂熱

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      on Spending Craze During Graduatio論畢業時的消費狂熱
      on Spending Craze During Graduatio
         In recent years, there is a growing concern for the spending craze during graduation. The farewell dinners, which once symbolized a celebration of the four-year friendship and the bitterness of pending departure, pose a gigantic financial burden on the graduates.
        A number of factors can account for such phenomenon, but the following might be the critical ones. Firstly, it’s an undeniable truth that today’s college students tend to spend much more money than before. What’s more, the farewell dinners are held in the name of more and more social groups, such as classes, college societies, dormitories and etc.
         In my view, the problem mentioned above has become increasingly severe, so great concern is deserved and effective measures are called for. To begin with, it is essential that the school should attach more importance to teaching the concept of thrift. Secondly, students should enhance their awareness that money never stands for affection. Only with these measures taken, I’m convinced, can the craze of spending during graduation be eased.


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