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      A Romantic Essay一篇浪漫的散文

      來源:apple 編輯:apple 時間:2017-05-14
      I am the wind, the gentle wind; I am the clouds, the slow, drifting clouds; I am the water, the silent water; I am the mountains, the boundless mountains… 
      If you so want, I will be the gentle wind that will wrap around your lonely spirit! If you so desire, I will be the slow, drifting clouds that will unquestioningly be your support! If you so wish, I will be that silent water, without a murmur, protecting you by your side. If you so will, I will love you unrelentingly, just like those boundless, unbroken mountain ranges and valleys! But, I regret I am not the wind and not able to take care of you. I hate that I am not the clouds and not able to bring you warmth; I pity myself that I am not the water and not able to be so pure; I am angry that I am not the mountains and not able to have my love will be as immovable as I would like. 
      如果你愿意,我愿做那輕輕的風撫慰著你寂寞的心靈!如果你愿意,我就是那緩緩的云從容地讓你依偎!如果你愿意,我來做你身邊靜靜的水默默地將你守護!如果你愿意,我將會不懈地愛你就象那連綿不斷的山川! 我悔我不是風,因為我不夠體貼;我恨我不是云,因為我不夠溫柔;我怨我不是水,因為我不夠清澈;我怒我不是山,因為我的愛不夠堅定……
      I can only be myself this time, my mortal, earthly self, my only self, the only self that I can ever hope to be. I thirst for love but I do not understand her deep mystery. I strive for transcendence but I would rather be silent and nameless. I want to be mature but I would rather remain innocent. I would like that she love me, but I do not know even if I truly love her! Endless searching, thirsting, striving, pursuing-where are my goals? Where is my future?
      In this mundane world, I am one lonely speck; in this universe I am a powerless particle of dust. My love, thought beautiful, is nothing great in itself. And so, I ask only to live as well as I can. In truth, there is no need to live one‘s life basking in glory, rising above men—— so long as one’s life has some value, has some security… Fearless and capricious, love will cause me great pain. Youth, transient and inconstant, will bring me loneliness. Work, busy and mindless, will make me lost. I am just searching for and waiting for some of that which shines, that which is radiant in life…
      俗世間我是孤獨的一粒,宇宙間我是無為的塵埃,我的愛雖然美好,但并不偉大…… 所以我只是想好好的活著…… 其實人生未必要過的轟轟烈烈,出人頭地,。只要過的有價值,活的很踏實…… 無畏的愛,會讓我很痛苦;悸動的青春,會讓我很寂寞;忙碌的工作,會讓我容易迷茫…… 我只是在尋找,我亦是在等待。生命中的璀璨光輝……


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