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      積極看待每一天 To Be Positive Towards Every Day

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      If your life feels like it is lacking the power that you want and the motivation that you need, sometimes all you have to do is shift your point of view. By training your thoughts to concentrate on the bright side of things, you are more likely to have the incentive to follow through on your goals. You are less likely to be held back by negative ideas that might limit your performance. Your life can be enhanced, and your happiness enriched, when you choose to change your perspective. Don't leave your future to chance, or wait for things to get better mysteriously on their own. You must go in the direction of your hopes and aspirations. Begin to build your confidence, and work through problems rather than avoid them. Remember that power is not necessarily control over situations, but the ability to deal with whatever comes your way. Always believe that good things are possible, and remember that mistakes can be lessons that lead to discoveries. Take your fear and transform it into trust; learn to rise above anxiety and doubt. Turn your "worry hours" into "productive hours". Take the energy that you have wasted and direct it toward every worthwhile effort that you can be involved in. You will see beautiful things happen when you allow yourself to experience the joys of life. You will find happiness when you adopt positive thinking into your daily routine and make it an important part of your world.

      如果你覺得心有余力不足,覺得缺乏前進的動力,有時候你只需要改變思維的角度。試著訓練自己的思想朝好的一面看,這樣你就會汲取實現目標的動力,而不會因為消極沉淪停滯不前。一旦變換看問題的角度,你的生活會豁然開朗,幸福快樂會接踵而來。別交出掌握命運的主動權,也別指望局面會不可思議的好轉。你必須與內心希望與熱情步調一致。建立自信,敢于與困難短兵相接,而非繞道而行。記住,力量不是駕馭局勢的法寶,無堅不摧的能力才是最重要的。 請堅信,美好的降臨并非不可能,失誤也許是成功的前奏。將惶恐化作信任,學會超越擔憂和疑慮。讓“誠惶誠恐”的時光變得“富有成效”。不要揮霍浪費精力,將它投到有意義的事情中去。當你下意識品嘗生命的歡愉時,美好就會出現。當你積極地看待生活,并以此作為你的日常準則時,你就會找到快樂的真諦。


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