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      是否盜版軟件和電影應該被禁止Should the pirate Software and movies

      來源:apple 編輯:apple 時間:2017-05-22
      是否盜版軟件和電影應該被禁止Should the pirate Software and movies

        The pirated software means a great loss to the developers of the original software as the former erodes market shares of their original counterpart. Similarly, when the pirated movies attract more viewers, movie companies find their audience decreasing and accordingly their income down.

        The other side of the coin is that the pirated software and movies promise their consumers a number of benefits. For one thing, they are much cheaper than the original. For another allow their customers cheaper access to more tools and entertainment. They are poplar because they seem to cater better for the interest of their customers. Despite these seeming benefits, the pirated software and movies should be banned, because by nature they represent unfair competition in our economic life. encouraged or left out of control, they would upset normal competition and eventually lead to the breakdown of economic order. Software developers would cease to offer products of quality and movie companies would refuse to produce good movies.

        If all this happened, ultimately customers would have to suffer. Therefore, we’d better stop the pirated software and movies.





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