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      談談你對網上聊天的看法View on Chatting on the Internet

      來源:apple 編輯:apple 時間:2017-05-22

        I feel that the internet is a very advanced information networking, and simplifies the task of gathering information, once you've mastered the language, that is. I feel that learning how to use the internet takes up too much time. Almost every week, something new pops up in the internet world and that info has to be transmitted into the brain. It's like a whole new language, except that this language is constantly adding new terms and deleting the old. It is somehting that needs to be kept up or you'll fall behind in the cyberspace world.


        As a community, I believe we should all work together to help the older generation learn the concepts and advantages of the internet. As a result, more computer classes and internet information centers should be available to people since the internet seems to be a major part of people's lives at the present moment. I can't see into the future, but it just seems that the cyberspace community will expand to include every single person.



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