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      How to be a Healthy Modern Man如何做一個心理健康的現代人

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      How to be a Healthy Modern Man如何做一個心理健康的現代人
      Study the pictures above carefully and write an essay entitled “How to be a Healthy Modern Man”. In the essay, you should (1) describe the pictures (2) interpret their meaning (3) give your opinion about the phenomenon. You should write about 200 words neatly on ANSWER SHEET 2. (20 points)?

        In the modern world, mental health has become a matter of great concern. Firstly, let’s look at the pictures above. There are four pictures, which give us some advice about how to be in good mental health. The first picture tells us that happiness depends not on what you have, but on what you can give. The second one shows that you cannot decide what the weather is like, but you can decide what mood you are in. The third one shows that you should examine your own words and deeds before correcting the others. The fourth one shows you should not be always upset and should say to yourself everyday, ” I’m really good.”

        These pictures indicate that we should try to be in good mental health. Nowadays, it is a common phenomenon that people go to have some psychological consultations. This is because people in the modern world are facing great pressure from work and life. Being depressed for a long time, some problems will come out in people’s mental health. These problems will do great harm. They may cause some health problems and affect our daily life and work. To be a healthy person, mental health seems to be more important.

        To become a real healthy modern man, we should take the advice of the pictures. Besides, we should remember some important points. Firstly, we should be open with people. Talk with your family and your friends when you meet some difficulties. Secondly, we should be sympathetic. Since we are a part of a society, we should be concerned with it. Thirdly, we should spend some time in reading, listening to the music and learning to lessen our pressure. In this way, we can become a healthy modern man, ready to take on any challenges.

      How to be a Healthy Modern Man如何做一個心理健康的現代人




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